Women's History Month NFT Collection



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About This Collection

The Women's History Month NFT Collection was created in collaboration with artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, and will commemorate three attributes which women should aspire:

  • STRONG women are both independent and nurturing as they navigate many roles in life — including furthering careers, and taking care of families and communities.

  • The STRONG NFT is inspired by the many roles that the First Lady must navigate. While the position does not have a traditional job description, it does take a strong woman to adjust to the demands — including taking care of her family, the President, and the Nation.

  • CONFIDENT women are able to step outside their comfort zones and take risks.

  • The CONFIDENT NFT is inspired by the many trips that Mrs. Trump took as First Lady. Mrs. Trump remains moved by the international community of strong-minded, confident women that lift each other up on the world's stage.

  • INSPIRATIONAL women have an incredible sense of optimism, hope, and courage.

  • The INSPIRATIONAL NFT is influenced by visiting children in schools and hospitals. Mrs. Trump is endlessly inspired by the children's curiosity and resilience; and is encouraged by each child’s ability to be brave, and to have hope and courage.

NFTs In This Collection

The limited-edition collection will include a total of 3,000 NFTs, and collectors will enjoy an element of surprise because the artwork will be revealed after the purchase. Collectors can make multiple purchases to try to collect all three works of art.

STRONG (edition of 1,500)
CONFIDENT (edition of 500)
INSPIRATIONAL (edition of 1,000)


Item Activity


How Gumball Works

Each NFT is minted and delivered at random. The NFT you purchase will be a surprise, and revealed upon purchase. Serial numbers are assigned in order of purchase, and do not necessarily reflect the rarity.